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Success Coach & Business Mentor to Creative Professionals


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Gain confidence to build your business website. In the 3-step webinar to transform clients into your super fans!

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transform your clients into fans

In this free webinar you will learn the four biggest problems designers and creatives run into with clients and how to transform them.

We will talk about how to eliminate these challenges:

  1. Why Designers and Creatives go wrong in operating a creative business and the easy trick to transform this problem to be their biggest success.

  2. Really understand why clients are ghosting you, picking other other creatives to work with, or take forever to get back to you on your estimates for their projects.

  3. Understand the importance of eliminating rush projects that don’t pay well and why you should always turn them down and learn to transform it into opportunity, building rapport and teach clients to respect and value your work, including your schedule.

  4. How to endless edits that drive you bonkers and cost you more than what you estimated.

Are these problems what challenge your abilities of being a successful business owner running a successful business?

Five reasons turning clients into fans is important to your success

  1. You’ll spend less time micro-managing clients

  2. You’ll spend more time doing creative, working on creative you will invoice

  3. You’ll know how to qualify and spot paying clients you’d love to work with long term

  4. You’ll create flexible work schedules that suit your lifestyle, so you actually have time to enjoy life outside of work

  5. You’ll be excited about working with clients, doing the work, sending invoices, and collecting payments, cashing payments, and making a profit

  6. You’ll know what creative tricks to turn on to get your creative juices flowing

Are you ready to wave bye-bye to yo-yo revenue, high-turn over project clients, and rush deadlines to say hello to regular business and clients that are your fans? If yes, register below for the webinar.

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“Christine’s teaching style makes it easy for everyone to understand the business of Design — she gave us lots of practical examples, tips and tricks of how and where to apply design principles with real life scenarios to apply the knowledge. She answered all our questions!”


The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada




This Webinar is for you If…


You are a designer or creative who wants any or all of the following in your professional life:

  • You want to earn at least $4000/month with steady and regular flow of work coming everyday for months in the future

  • You need a free creative pep talk to get you back to focused and aligned to meeting your goals

  • You want to work with clients who respect all elements of your business: your work, your time, and your schedule, and creative process

  • You want a strategy to build a profitable creative business with a reputable client list

  • You want to work with clients you love, and projects that mean something to you, the community, and the world


Do you…

  • Feel stuck in a sinking freelance business that isn’t generating enough money to stay afloat?

  • You want to quit the 9-5 office grind because you are not motivated or satisfied financially or creatively?

  • Know you are a super talented designer, but aren’t so sure about the business stuff, like how to generate leads, qualify them to secure long-term business?

  • Are you not sure how to start or secure project opportunities and/or manage clients projects one you land them?

  • Need a friendly and helpful pep talk with useful business direction?

In this free webinar we’ll swap these unwanted outcomes to positive outcomes for your long-term success.


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A Message from Christine

"Set yourself up for success."

I started into Design because of my interest in web design. When I was graduating highschool I wanted nothing more than to make web design into a career. Back in 1999-2000 everything was HTML 4 and CSS was barely a thing, it was very new so there wasn't really a formal place to go to school to learn about web design then. I didn't want to learn everything Computer Programming, so I chose Graphic Design because it was closest program offering the topics of interest in regards to design for web.

So here I am today, making a business offering graphic and web design communication services, and I also run a National Chapter of Canada Learning Code in my city to help others learn how to be builders of the web, and not just consumers. Web design is my jam. I love it, and I love teaching and building websites, it gets me pumped. Why? Because I revel in the knowing that creatives are making their ideas real and tangible for users to interact, connect, buy, or learn more about them. If I could host website making parties, I would, so this is my version of it.

I love that we can sell services and products online with just a website, and that anyone can do it. Once upon a time buying a website cost thousands of dollars, and you had to build it with a company that also charged to maintain it. Today you are free to do it yourself, if you choose not to hire a company, and all you need is the confidence to go for it. That's why I built this course, to help set you up for success.

I teach web design that’s unique to the learners in the room, so this isn’t a slide deck presentation that I flip through and read from. It’s real-time learning experience just like I'd teach in front of real people who learn in traditional academic institutional learning environments or at a Canada Learning Code workshop.