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Christine Whone


It all started when…

I became an entrepreneur when I founded a Communication Design firm called Actually. Then I was so passionate about teaching others about tech to build their business I started Canada Learning Code Chapter in Barrie. Next-up I established Startup Barrie with other local Community Builders. I became a sessional instructor at Ryerson University’s Chang School and Experiential Learning Exchange to share my knowledge to help others get to where they want to be.

I most recently refined my communication knowledge as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology. 

I live and work in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

The Professional

I’ve held various responsibilities in my years as a Communication Designer, business owner, and community builder, making me into a well-rounded entrepreneur.

I work to help clients create outcomes serving well beyond present needs, building a sustainable future in various business sectors and not-for-profit organizations. I have worked on large segmented email campaigns, designed and built many websites, print materials, and user experiences. I have taught design principles and practices in formal educational institutions as well as one-on-one with clients, colleagues, students and mentees. I mentor and teach at Ladies Learning Code workshops too. I have created online content for businesses, organizations and educational institutions, created social media campaigns for summer camps, workshops, and community events. I've worked with a variety of clients in automotive, technology, online marketing, education, legal, sports, entertainment, not-for-profit orgs and more.

I volunteer with Startup Barrie, an entrepreneurial community part of Startup Canada. I’ve been running a national not for profit chapter of Canada Learning Code in Barrie since 2013.

The Education

I am an academically trained Communicator, Graphic Designer and Web Designer, holding a Diploma in Graphic Design, Post Grad Diploma in Web Design and Development, and Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, with NLP Practitioner certification.

My full experience is on LinkedIn.

The Personal

I'm a mom, avid reader, writer, and lover of technology, and I love surfing the Internet. I'm an Apple Music junkie, consuming Chill and electronic playlists on repeat. I practice Kundalini yoga, and eat up everything that brings consciousness in my life.

I think deeply, talk a lot, and sometimes very little. I'm a thoughtful visionary, who’s futuristic, deliberate and passionate in action. I find the ordinary things in life beautiful, delighted by the beauty and wonder of life that my heart sings with joy. I aspire to share that beauty and wonder for the ordinary here with you.

I greet each day grateful for everything in life. I fall asleep with thoughts of gratitude to create and work on tasks that I’m passionate about and love to do. These days I’m in the business of cultivating happiness to build a life that is curated with passion, love and joy, blasting consciousness in business, communications, education, tech, entrepreneurship and health and wellness. I like wrapping my work passions around every moment, so life feels like pure leisure.

The Outcome

Work with me to learn how to make your desires and passions your full-time gig. Learn how to integrate changes with ease, grace and gratitude just like I do. Check out my 1:1 private coaching, online courses, videos, blogs for more information.

Connect with me:

Connect with me on social media to discover my current project line-up. I dabble in all sorts of opportunities because I love learning about life!